My research interests generally lie in static analysis and abstract interpretation. During my PhD I designed abstract interpreters for proving program termination. Previously I was developing commercial static analysis tools for finding concurrency bugs in Java applications whilst working at Contemplate Ltd.


I am Research Co-Investigator on the EPSRC Vulnerability Discovery using Abduction and Interpolation (EP/N020243/1); Prof. Andy King and myself will work with Prof. Joxan Jaffar from National University of Singapore. This is funded under the Joint Singapore-UK Research in Cyber Security initiative (More information here).


Compact Difference Bound Matrices

Aziem Chawdhary, Andy King Submitted June 2017

Incrementally Closing Octagons

Aziem Chawdhary, Ed Robbins, Andy King Draft - Oct 2016

Conference Publications

Revisiting Volgenant-Jonker for Approximating Graph Edit Distance

Will Jones, Aziem Chawdhary, Andy King

Graph-Based Representations in Pattern Recognition 2015, Beijing

Simple and Efficient Algorithms for Octagons

Aziem Chawdhary, Ed Robbins and Andy King

APLAS 2014, Singapore

Metric Spaces and Termination Analysis

Aziem Chawdhary and Hongseok Yang

APLAS 2010, Shanghai, China Longer version with proofs

Ranking Abstractions

Aziem Chawdhary, Byron Cook, Sumit Gulwani, Mooly Sagiv, Hongseok Yang

ESOP 2010, Budapest, Hungary

Version with proofs and slides from my talk

Variance Analyses from Invariance Analyses

Josh Berdine, Aziem Chawdhary, Byron Cook, Dino Distefano, Peter O'Hearn

POPL 2007, Nice, France

Journal Publications

Partial Evaluation of String Obfuscations for Java Malware Detection

Aziem Chawdhary, Andy King, Ranjeet Singh

FACS 2017

Optimising the Volgenant-Jonker Algorithm for Approximating Graph Edit Distance

Will Jones, Aziem Chawdhary, Andy King

Pattern Recognition Letters 2016

PhD Thesis

Proving Termination using Abstract Interpretation

Queen Mary, University of London, 2010