Archlinux on a Thinkpad x200s



No problems using the Arch Linux install CD. I didn't get a DVD drive with my laptop, but used a spare USB DVD drive just fine.

Wired and Wireless Networking

Wireless works fine with the iwlagn driver and on board ethernet works fine with kernel 2.6.28. I'm using the netcfg2 from Arch repos to connect to my home network. I haven't figured out how to use netcfg2 with eduroam, so I do things manually with wpa\_supplicant and dhclient for that.


X works fine with the vesa driver, but if you want to use the VGA port you need to use the Intel video driver. I manually installed the intel driver as the Arch repos did not have the latest version (2.6) My is here.

Xrandr works great with an external display. I just plug in an external monitor and run xrandr --output VGA --auto --right-of LVDS. More info here. I haven't tried any fancy stuff like Compiz as I don't have a need for such things.


Sound works with the snd\_hda\_intel and ALSA.


I had major problems with suspend when I first installed Arch, but now that I'm running kernel 2.6.28 with the latest Intel video driver and things seem to working much better. I'm not using this CPU sleep trick anymore, and pm-suspend works fine. Make sure you have the latest Intel driver installed is my tip. Resuming does go wrong occasionally and its seems to be an issue with the iwlagn driver. Supposedly it will be fixed in 2.6.29.


The WAN module works, I'm using it with T-Mobile UK. More details on how to get it working here.

Card Reader

Works fine

Webcam and Skype

The webcam finally works. Not sure what I did, but it may be that kernel 2.6.28 fixed it. Cheese does not work but Skype works fine.

Not tested

The fingerprint scanner is a cute but useless toy so I'm not bothered by it. You could use XModmap to get the multimedia keys working, which is nice but I haven't got round to it.