My github repositories are here.

OCamlbuild examples

I have some small snippets to show how to use OCamlbuild - mainly for my own notes but could be useful for others.

ocaml-build-nvcc-simple shows how to build a CUDA C file and use Ocaml-Ctypes to call the CUDA code from OCaml.

ctypes-static-c-ocamlbuild shows how to build a static library in C, call library functions from OCaml and how to link the static library with OCaml.

Old Stuff

LinearRank-ESOP tool - prototype termination analyser from my ESOP 2007 paper.

Z3 Rankfinder - OCaml implementation of Rankfinder (Based on Byron Cooks F# implementation)

Mini-invader is a small toy implementation of the separation logic based Invader tool by the East London Massive (the work prior to the bi-abduction based tool).